International cooperation

Since 1998 until 2019 in international cooperation with the Law firm Lansky, Ganzger & Partner from Vienna, Austria. Bases of cooperation, contractual partnership. Since 2019 in informal cooperation with Lansky, Ganzger & Partner.

Within the international network of law firms belonging to Lansky, Ganzger & Partner Vienna, established long term collaboration with all law firms belonging to this network since 1998 until present.

Since 1998 in international cooperation with the International collection company KSV KREDITSCHUTZVERBAND from 1870 from Vienna, Austria in the area of international debt collection and damage recovery.

Since 1997 in international cooperation with ARI ANSTALT International Law and Trade, International consulting firm from Liechtenstein. Since 2001 the LAWYERS ANTEVSKI has became member of ARI ANSTALT Liechtenstein international network.

Areas of cooperation:

  • International Debt Collection covering Balkan region ,
  • Creating securities in international business transactions,
  • Negotiation of contracts,
  • Advise in investment projects,
  • Advise in real estate issues,
  • International transfer of intellectual property rights,

Since 1998 in informal cooperation with the law firm Penkov, Markov & Partners from Sofia, Bulgaria. Next to that in occasional informal cooperation with a number of other big law firms from Bulgaria.

Since 2000 established long term collaboration partnership with the Law Firm Evangelos Vassilakakis from Thessaloniki, Greece.

Since December 2nd ,2009 formed mutually beneficial unincorporated association on the basis of concluded MEMORANDUM OF UNDERSTANDING with LaBE Abogados a law firm from Madrid, Spain.

Since June 2010 started cooperation with Legis Group Bar Association from Moscow,Russia.

Since 2010 member of the LGP Legal Solutions Group from Vienna , Austria.

Since June 2011 until 2015 LAWYERS ANTEVSKI has become cooperation partner of the Company European Patent Registration and Consulting Services GmbH from Munich, Germany.

Since 2023 in cooperation with, a leading global debt recovery platform from Czech Republic.

International operations

Within the cooperation LAWYERS ANTEVSKI is providing the following services abroad:

  • Export consulting,
  • International creditors rights,
  • International Debt Collection in the Balkan region,
  • Collection of business information, debtor identification and debtors asset tracing,
  • Creating securities in international business transactions,
  • Negotiation of contracts,
  • International transfer of intellectual property rights,
  • Representation of clients interests in front of international arbitration courts,
  • Advise and selling real estate international,

Services in the IP Law area:

  • Drafting and submission of European patent applications,
  • European Patent Law (European Patent Registration at EPO in Munich, Germany), including:
  • Entering of international patent (PCT) applications into European National Phase and their prosecution and registration at European Patent Office (EPO),
  • Representation of clients’ interests during the prosecution procedure at European Patent Office (EPO) (from filing of the patent application until finalization of the European patent registration procedure ),
  • Patent and trademark search services,
  • Transfer and licensing of European patent applications,
  • Advise and representing clients interests in opposition and appeal procedures in front of the European Patent Office (EPO),
  • Drafting and negotiating patent licensing and transfer agreements and other patent agreements,
  • Business consulting regarding commercialization of patents.