According to North Macedonian law, the General terms of a contract are contractual regulations prepared for a number of contracts in which one of the contractual parties (which prepared the general terms) before or during concluding of the contract is proposing such a general terms to the other contractual party either as contained in the prepared form of a contract or as general terms to which the prepared contract refers.
The general terms are in addition to the already prepared text of the contract and they are binding for the contractual parties.
In case of discrepancies between the general terms and the other regulations in the text of the contract, apply the regulations in the text of the contract.
In order to be binding for the contractual parties the General terms must be published in the usual way.
The General terms are binding for the contractual party if they have been known or must have been known to that contractual party.
The General terms are null and void in case when contrary to the principle of conscientiousness and honesty create obvious disproportion of the mutual rights and obligations of the contractual parties and as such create possibility for causing a damage to the contractual party or threaten the achieving of the goals of the concluded contract.