Areas of Operation

Our main areas of operation:

  • Corporate and Commercial Law,
  • Tax Law,
  • Commercial, IP Law, and other civil matter litigations,
  • Debt collection,
  • International arbitration,
  • Finance and Leasing Law,
  • Trade and Business Law,
  • Antitrust Law,
  • Commercial and other civil law contracts,
  • Foreign Investments and Banking Law,
  • Mergers and Acquisitions,
  • Privatization matters and PPP,
  • Intellectual Property Law in North Macedonia,
  • European Patent Law (European Patent Registration at EPO in Munich, Germany),
  • European patent validation in North Macedonia,
  • Patent and Trademark search services,
  • Advising on Company Formations in North Macedonia,
  • Bankruptcy Law,
  • Labour Law
  • Real estate law,

Other areas of operation:

  • Insurance Law,
  • Energy Law,
  • Transportation Law,
  • Environmental Law,
  • Family Law,
  • Immigration law,
  • Inheritance Law,
  • Taking testimonies from witnesses in North Macedonia,
  • Private investigations,
  • Legal research,
  • Providing services on outsourcing basis in international debt collection and in European patent law,
  • Collection of evidence, business information, debtor/debtors assets tracing and
  • Collection of other documents and information of a civil nature in North Macedonia.

Main legal services:

  • Preparing different kinds of legal expertise opinions,
  • Complete client’s legal advice regarding investment projects in North Macedonia,
  • Drafting and negotiating different kinds of commercial contracts and other civil law contracts,
  • Tax Law,
  • Antitrust Law,
  • Debt collection and commercial litigation services for all kinds of open debts and damage recovery claims,
  • Litigation services in all other kinds of civil law matters and IP Law,
  • Representing client’s interests in bankruptcy procedures,
  • Representing client’s interests in international arbitration procedures,
  • European patent registration services at the European Patent Office (EPO) in Munich, Germany,
  • IP Law services in North Macedonia,
  • Advising on company formations and preparing the relevant documentation on the company formations, and in general in Company Law.
  • Complete legal support to our clients beyond the company formation process,
  • (from tax law, labor law, commercial contracts, and intellectual property protection up to current follow-up legal advice to the client regarding its established business in North Macedonia),

– Legal expertise opinions, Tax Law, and drafting and negotiating different kinds of commercial and other civil law contracts,

This is one of our main areas of operation which includes preparing different kinds of legal expertise opinions for our foreign clients in the area of the company–commercial law mostly related to cross-border transactions, and commercial transactions in North Macedonia including legal advice regarding investment projects, commercial representation, establishing of affiliate companies or representative offices in North Macedonia, real estate projects as well different kind of legal advises on tax law and antitrust regulations in North Macedonia.

Next to that our activities in this area also include advice to our foreign clients prior to entering into business transactions with partners from North Macedonia regarding securing their interests in such transactions including also our complete legal advice regarding negotiation, drafting, and concluding relevant commercial agreements and other civil law agreements with partners from North Macedonia.

– Company formation services

We specialize in a wide range of services related to advising on company formation and business registration provided by company formation agents engaged within our network. The service is designed to help you with getting your new business started and grow into a successful enterprise.

Whether you are starting a limited liability company, registration representative office, registering NGO, simply setting up as a sole trader, or making changes to your company structure, we’ve got the tools, products, and services to help you get the most out of your business.

Beyond Company Formation

As a company formation adviser, we provide a number of services to help you get started with your business. Beyond helping to register your new business, we’ll provide you with legal and tax guidance and a wealth of services to get the most out of your business.

We offer a number of business branding and trademark protection services to help you build your business brand for a low – cost. We’re cutting the cost of starting your business without compromising on quality. Contact us today for more support or order online now!

– Debt Collection and Commercial Litigation

LAWYERS ANTEVSKI are having long experience in debt collection files and offers pre-legal debt recovery. Our ambitious team is comprised of lawyers who are experienced in pre-legal debt collection in North Macedonia. We proudly announce that :

We have managed to introduce the advantages of pre-legal debt collection for our foreign clients,

We have managed to incorporate international standards of collection ethics into the Macedonian context.

With our debt collection services, we cover the entire territory of North Macedonia.

We have managed to open the doors of communication & negotiation by gaining trust.

Within this area of practice, the LAWYERS ANTEVSKI provides the following services in North Macedonia to our clients:

Out-of-court debt collection of all kinds of open claims of commercial nature and other civil law nature,

Out-of-court negotiation and resolving of IP Law disputes,

Resolving all kinds of unsettled open claims of commercial nature and other civil law nature in court procedure way,

Resolving the unsettled damage compensation issues in out-of-court and in court procedure way,

Resolving unsettled IP Law disputes, in court procedure way and

Collection of business information regarding North Macedonian companies or individuals, debtors, and /or debtor’s assets.

Next to the above-listed debt collection and commercial litigation services, we also provide the following:

– out-of-court debt collection of all kinds of open claims of commercial nature and other

civil law nature in the neighboring Balkan countries

as well

– a collection of business information regarding foreign companies or individuals, debtors

and on tracing the foreign debtor’s assets.


For our clients, we provide Business Reports, and Credit Reports & Asset Investigation in North Macedonia.


STATUTORY INFORMATION including legal status and shareholder liability,

A detailed IDENTIFICATION of the company,

Chronological developments and HISTORY of the company,

ORGANIZATIONAL STRUCTURE including owners, employees, and signature authorized persons,

OPERATIONS and main activities,

OVERALL ASSESSMENT prepared by experts and lawyers.


FINANCIAL STATUS including total investments and actual shareholder percentages in the company,

REGISTERED COMPANY ASSETS includes information from the North Macedonian Central Registry on the registered company capital,

REAL ESTATE and IMMOVABLES retrieved from the North Macedonian Land Registry/Cadastre,

SITE INSPECTION upon a visit to the company and

OVERALL ASSESSMENT prepared by experts and lawyers.

IP Law and European patent registration services

Within this area of practice, the LAWYERS ANTEVSKI provides the following services to our clients:

IP Law advice in all areas of the Intellectual Property Law in North Macedonia, Complete IP Law service regarding Patent, Trade Mark Registration, Geographical origin, and related IP Rights including litigations for the protection of IP Rights,

Drafting and submission of International Patent applications,

Drafting and submission of European Patent Applications,

Entering international patent (PCT) applications into European National Phase and their prosecution and registration at European Patent Office (EPO),

Representation of the client’s interests during the prosecution procedure at the European Patent Office (EPO) (from the filing of the patent application until finalizing of the procedure for registration of a European patent,

Patent and trademark search services,

Transfer and licensing of European patent applications,

Advise and represent client’s interests in opposition and appeal procedures in front of the European Patent Office (EPO),

Drafting and negotiating patent licensing and transfer agreements and other patent agreements,

Business consulting regarding the commercialization of patents and

European patent validation in North Macedonia.