Acquiring North Macedonian citizenship for foreign citizens with origin from North Macedonia /Part 1

The principal modes of acquisition of citizenship in North Macedonia (NM) are:
origin, birth on the territory of NM, naturalization, and int. agreements.

Foreign citizens with origin from NM use the origin and naturalization mode.

Conditions for NM citizenship by origin:

  • A child at birth has both parents as NM citizens;
  • at childbirth, one parent is an NM citizen, and the child/applicant was born in NM, if the parents do not agree the child receives citizenship of the other parent and
  • At childbirth, one parent is an NM citizen, and the other parent is unknown, with unknown citizenship /without citizenship, and the child is born abroad.
  • NM Citizenship can be acquired by origin for an adopted child with full adoption when both parents or the one who adopted the child is an NM citizen.
  • A child who is born abroad for which at the child’s birth one of the parents is an NM citizen and the other one is a foreigner, can by origin get MC if until the age of 18 is reported/has applied for entry into MC or if until the age of 18 becomes permanent NM resident together with his parent which is NM citizen.

Under the above conditions NM citizenship can also be acquired by a person who is not registered by both parents until the age of 18 if he/she submits an application for enrollment in NM citizenship until the age of 23.