LAWYERS ANTEVSKI  is an international law firm, providing commercial  services from the main office in Skopje, and through representative offices in Liechtenstein and Vienna.

The wide variety of business activities on which we advise include the establishment of an enterprise, expansion into new areas, negotiation of contracts, raising finance and resolving disputes.

A tradition of expertise in complex business transactions

Our resources and accumulated knowledge and international experience enable us to deal with substantial matters, of a level often associated with much larger firms. In particular, we are recognized for our expertise in work with an international element including international trade, foreign investments and banking law. This has been a key aspect of the firm’s practice since its establishment in 1985. We have a network of long established connections and contractual network of law firms around Europe which enable us to obtain specialist advice and offer services to our clients in all mentioned areas of practice next to the area of Republic of Macedonia in the following European countries: Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Croatia, Germany, Great Britain, Greece, Hungary, Slovenia, Switzerland, Serbia.

An emphasis on personal service
Clients require more of us than legal know-how, they value a continuing relationship with a partner in whose ability they have confidence, appreciates the commercial realities of the client’s business and who tries on creative and intelligent way to protect and realize the clients interest. The firm’s success in providing such a personal service is reflected in its broad client base, which ranges from private individuals to embassies of foreign countries and a large international companies and banks.

Mission statement
-To bring quality services to our clients,
-To offer creative solutions,
-To open perspectives to the client in situations where nobody else can,
-To achieve the best results for benefit of our clients,
-To be the best among the best in the area of our activities and to have
satisfied clients.

Main areas of operation
• Business Law,
• Banking and Finance Law,
• Bankruptcy Law,
• Corporate Law,
• Commercial Law,
• Contracts,
• Debt Collection and Debt Recovery,
• Foreign investments Law,
• International Arbitration,
• Leasing Law,
• Litigation,
• Mergers and Acquisitions,
• Privatization matters,
• Trade Law,
• Intellectual property protection
• Energy Law
• Labor law and
• Registration and protection of the international patent rights in front of
the EPI Munich, Germany.

Next to the main areas of practice the firm also practices:
• Real estate issues,
• Insurance Law,
• Transportation Law and
• Environmental Law.

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